Our experience restaurant Lahepere Villa awaits you to enjoy Cheff

Silver Saa's set menu: 
  • On regular evenings, Wednesday- Saturday ( to see the available dates and tables visit our DinnerBooking calendar).

  • For private dinners. The minimum price for meals is 2000 EUR (the price per person depends on the selected menu). Drinks are paid separately. We can accommodate up to 28 people, and if there are fewer people, the reaming money is for the room rent. 

  • To hold a seminar- with your company or a group of friends. We offer both day and evening seminar packages. Only on Thursdays and Fridays! The price per person is 75 EUR and a minimum of 10 people. 
Or from time to time: 
  • For special dinners- guest chefs including Estonians bests
  • On the summer terrace enjoy wine and cocktails with beautiful nature and weather.
  • To shoot commercials, movies, or shows on our premises
All of our services are with prebooking and reservations only! This is to ensure the best experience for you. If you would like to visit us you can do so by making a reservation through DinnerBooking or if you have a bigger booking or gift card you can write to us: 
For more information about the menu and questions about allergies write us an email!
If you have small children we kindly ask you to visit us on Friday or Saturday      afternoon.
Since we have an open kitchen we ask you to please leave your pets at home.

We offer a special meal for the smallest of the family but we do encourage the children to try our chef's menu as well!
Lahepere Villa's cheff is Silver Saa and hostess Helen Vihtol

You are welcome and see you soon!
The menus
4-course set-menu

Both on regular evenings ( up to 5 different reservations) and for private events, we offer Silver Saa's menu, which consists of an appetizer, first course, main course, and dessert. 
The price includes water, coffee/tea, and our house focaccia. 
Price 65 EUR/per person
To book visit: DinnerBooking

A lushes dinner

For private events, it is also possible to order dinner with a big variety of appetizers.
Price 90 EUR/ per person
For children up to 6 years old it is also possible to request a children's dinner. Older children are full price because the table is set with appetizers according to the number of people.

Children's dinner

For the youngest members of the family ( up to 12-year-old children) we offer a crispy chicken and dessert combo! 
Price 25 EUR
When booking through DinnerBooking, please leave us a note about this request. We will add the children's places ourselves. FYI! It may happen that we are fully booked and can't take any children so if you have more than one child please be sure to contact and ask us about availability. If you have small children we kindly ask you to plan your visit on a Friday or Saturday late lunch. 
We welcome children aged 0-6 to visit us on Fridays and Saturdays during the late lunch hours. 
Special menu

In case of food allergies, our Chef is generally ready to offer you a gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian dinner,  but only if you notify us at least 48 hours before your arrival.
We do not offer a vegan menu!
FYI! These are exceptions and are not possible for an entire group. And we cannot guarantee all these exceptions.